Extra Curricular Activities

KISM students participates in extra curricula activities such as Sports, Drama, Clubs of various type e,g Wildlife, Catholic Action, Christian Union, Seventh Day Adventist, Muslims etc.

All these groups are headed by Patrons who arrange the annual calendar of events for their respective group which is incorporated in the Institution’s annual calendar of events.


KISM is a member of the Kenya Technical Institutions Sports Association (KETISA), a registered sporting body that has a membership of 15 Institutions around the Country.

The students participate in termly competitions as follows: –

  • Term I- Athletics, Floor Ball, Rugby and Women football
  • Term II- Ball Games such as Basketball (M&W), Volleyball (M&W), Soccer Men and Netball Women
  • Indoor Games- Pool, Darts, Tables Tennis. Handball, Hockey, Tennis, Badminton


The catholic student’s association is one of the groups in Kenya institute of Surveying and mapping (KISM), which started immediately after the inception of KISM.

It has a membership of 60 students. Catholic lecturers participate in the association and help in guiding and mentoring the students.

The KISM student’s catholic association mission is to raise youth who are all rounded and spiritually founded.

The vision is to run a Catholic students’ association that is all inclusive and accommodative to all catholic students.



KISM SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST GROUP is an association for students’ mutual encouragement, seeking to meet their spiritual, intellectual and social needs. Its’ aims is to strengthen the faith commitment of the students to the SDA beliefs and values. It also provides opportunities for Christian fellowship preparing students to deal with intellectual challenges that arise in a secular environment, developing their leadership abilities, training them for outreach, and witnessing in the college, community and the world.