Map Reproduction is one of the departments at Kenya Institute of Surveying and Mapping and it offers relevant training in printing. Some of the areas covered are Text Generation, Page design, Pre-press proofing, Process photography, Colour Scanning and Separation, Preparation of PDFs, Plate output on a plate-setter, Press Proofing, Machine printing, Print Finishing: Binding, Cutting, and Trimming.

By maintaining strong links with the printing industry, the department is tuned to the changing needs and demands of a wide range of different businesses. Students feel the benefit of this close relationship through generous access to equipment, thereby getting the opportunity to gain hands on experience in printing. As a result, the department has a reputation for developing well trained students with excellent employment prospects. This means that in most competitive job market, KISM students start with tremendous advantage. While the department has extensive printing facilities and well-equipped laboratories for practical exercise, students find friendly staff that help them to make the best use of the resources.

The graduates are absorbed in various printing firms, large and small.

  • The Media Plants,
  • Packaging Industries,
  • Book and Magazine Production,
  • Publishers,
  • Security Printing,
  • Textile Printing,
  • Mapping Agents,
  • Label Printing Firms and
  • Government Departments offering printing services all benefit from our successful candidates.


The Diploma course in Map Reproduction (Printing) is designed to provide knowledge and skills required to prepare trainees for performing tasks of a technician in a printing firm. The course is also aimed at preparing the trainees for supervisory roles and further training.

The Certificate course in Printing is designed to provide knowledge and skills required to prepare trainees as Press Technicians Level 5. Qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to enable him/her to operate in a printing industry. It entails operating a Lithographic press, Gravure press, Flexographic press, Screen printing press, 3D printing press and maintenance of press machines.

Study Trips

There are never dull moments, as the department likes varying its activities. Study trips come in handy as a measure to improve and enhance our training objectives. The department organizes and executes educational trips with relevant interest in those areas where large complex machinery or exceptional operations that touch on printing are involved that are not available in the institute.


The project work is designed to give the trainees:

  • Experience in extended piece of practical work
  • An opportunity to develop and implement their own ideas
  • An opportunity to reflect and apply relevant skills and knowledge acquired in the study
  • Experience of working with a supervisor and peers in carrying out the instructions of the supervisor
  • Experience in writing a technical report and keeping records of work as it proceeds

Facilities for Practical Sessions