John K. Boywo - KISM Librarian

KISM library was established in the year 1998 after completion of the institution’s construction. It is an academic Library set to provide information/library services to staff and students pursuing, Diploma and certificate courses in the fields of Land Surveying, Cartography, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and Map Reproduction.

The information resources available in our library is of high value as earlier mentioned for the four disciplines since they meet both training and industrial needs of our users. Information materials in special fields like Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) place our library an incomparable position to other related libraries since it is even ahead of some University libraries in these fields.

Information Materials

Our well stocked Library

The KISM library is the nerve centre in matters pertaining to provision of information needs to the institution. The library is stocked with current information materials to cater for staff and student’s needs. The library collection covers areas inclined mostly to the courses covered as well as general collection. These includes  Mathematics, physics, Geography ,printing, photogrammetry and remote sensing, cartography ,surveying, management ,past research projects, reports, manuals, among others. The library users, apart from accessing academic related materials, can also equip themselves with current affairs through newspapers and journals available.  KISM library falls under an academic library in that 80 % of its stock is scholarly related. The library is arranged using Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme which ensures that books are arranged in standard orderly manner in order for the users to retrieve materials quickly and easily.

Library Cyber

The library also has several computers fully connected to the internet to be used by users in pursuit of academic related research .In order to ensure that library users access diverse information content, various E learning sites are availed to users so that they can either preview or download any information materials during their research. The library also has strong WIFI connectivity. This is helpful to users who come to the library and desire to undertake their research using either laptops or smartphones.

Reading Area

Library users utilizing our spacious reading area.

To ensure that students have good study environment, the library has a sitting capacity of over two hundred and also has power connection around the library for users who prefer to use their laptops. The reading tables are custom made in that each user has an enclosed reading area to enhance privacy.

Circulation Area

The circulation desk is an automated one using KOHA library management system. The system performs various key tasks like loaning of materials, cataloguing and classification, reservations, reports etc. with this system users are served promptly and efficiently. Any user wishing to know the availability of a given material can get instant information without having to go to the shelving area.

Our automated circulation desk.