Surveying data is key to the design, implementation and monitoring of Engineering projects.

For this data to be authentic and reliable, it requires requisite knowledge and skills in its collection, processing and presentation.
Land Survey department seeks to equip learners with the skills and knowledge that match current industry needs in areas of geospatial data and manipulation. This is made possible through qualified and experienced staff and application of modern surveying tools.

At an early stage of their studies, learners are also encouraged to join institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK) as student members for mentorship and professional development purposes. In the course of the training, trainees undertake a three months industrial attachment that exposes them to workplace experience. In addition, students in their final year of study, carry out a trade project in order to apply what they have learnt.

Possible specialization areas

After graduating, our students are gainfully engaged in various social/economic activities. In particular, the following areas make use of the knowledge and skills acquired through our training;

  • Title surveys
  • Civil Engineering works
  • Housing development
  • Irrigation projects
  • Construction of underground facilities
  • Mapping of water bodies

Opportunity areas

Possible employment avenues for our graduates are:-

  • National Government
  • County Government
  • State Parastatals
  • Authorities e.g. KENHA
  • Commissions e.g. NLC
  • Private companies
  • Self employment

Our Facilities