Mr. Richard Amati Deputy Director- Administration and Finance

The main business of KISM is to train middle level professionals in the Landed profession and allied fields. However to be able to offer effective training there is need to provide both the students and staff necessary facilitation.

The office of the Deputy Director Administration and finance is tasked with taking initial action in acquisition and making available goods and services as per institutional needs. There are several sections that work closely with this office. These include: – Accounts, Hospitality, Library, Office administration, Procurement, Security, and Transport all of which are headed by Section Heads.

The Section heads and staff working in all the sections are professionally qualified in their respective fields of trade. They therefore do their best to provide goods and services as per requests. This would not be possible without good cooperation with our contractors and suppliers who are part of our key stakeholders.

As stated earlier this institution operates under the CS/PS Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning therefore all services and goods are provided in line with the laid down Government regulations. We have all the help we need from the CS/PS offices which has made provision of services a smooth venture. It is noteworthy that the fees charged is highly subsidized by the Government.

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